mari sierra

Mari Sierra

An artist, healer and designer of experiential learning journeys for global citizens who seek paths for flourishment and cultural insights. She works at the intersection of strategic design, holistic health and embodied leadership to advance paradigm shifts. In her talks and classes she explores the art of presence, mysticism and perception. Mari weaves communities of practice around mind-body wisdom and currently helps Roundglass produce experiences for wellbeing.




Mariana Quiroga

A design strategist, an embodied movement facilitator and heartfelt apprentice of mystic disciplines. She navigates within the realms of social business and of self-discovery through the lens of multi-cultural traditions. As a catalyst of an inclusive and sustainable economy, Mariana works in Cirklo, an innovation consultancy, and supports diverse communities to nurture their bodies, hearts and souls so they can fulfill their purpose and create the future they dream of.



Mariana Quiroga and Mari Sierra are soul friends who have been practicing and teaching yoga, meditation, dance and chi-kung more than 10 years. They also studied together an MBA in Design Strategy at California College of the Arts in San Francisco in 2011-2014. They became passionate about  the creative process and believe embodiment practices can help leaders resource their emotional intelligence, ground their visions in a sense of inner power and connect us all to the larger rhythm animating our lives. They’re looking forward to host you in their home city, Mexico City. You can follow their creative journeys on instagram as they prepare to host FLOURISH. Surprises will be announced periodically.



Kaylee is a singer and songkeeper and holistic producer.



isidro ovejas

Isidro is a multi-disciplinary healer from Mexico City. He is inspired and influenced by his deep learnings with Mayan and Toltec Elders in Central and South America as well as his experiences working with the Lakota peoples of North America. He currently runs a conscious company aimed at providing and cultivating well being and meditation programs for the corporate world.

He has been learning the lost science of Ancient Traditions in humanity all around the world, translating their language into practice for our modern ways of understanding life. One of his greatest  passions is giving people tools they can use to realize that through their own experimentation and personal journeys they can break free from mental constructs they’ve created for themselves. People who work with Isidro uncover infinite possibilities within themselves, creating the lives they’ve been seeking, attaining their highest potential and being true to their essence.

Isidro will open Flourish participants to the richness of pre-colonial history, guiding the group into the marvelous history of Teotihuacan pyramids and the Anthropology Museum.




POAMO is a musical group that interprets, composes and arranges introspective music (devotional, sensitive and profound). This type of music is an inspiration to inquire within, to observe oneself and remember one’s own essence. It invites the cultivation of consciousness and spreads harmony and wellbeing.

POAMO will play live during our embodied workshops, delighting our retreat with ceremonial sounds and healing for the soul.





marcos jassan


Marcos certifies yoga teachers with his yoga protocol proving deep transformation fusing holistic and fitness goals. He is a global innovator in body alignment, raw Ayurvedic balancing food and psychology. His presence is a testament of his passion for Hatha Yoga and Ayurvedic science and food.

He is the founder of OM HOME, renovated historical 50’s house in Condesa, where we will stay during our time in Mexico city. OM Community shares a lifestyle based on self-knowledge, applying the skill of transformation with social responsibility.

At OM HOME, we share a taste for natural materials, locally made; delightful food, plant-based, nutrition dense made for joy and balance.